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How do I Register my Business?
This is a very simple procedure, just click on the link "list your business with local trades and services"
1.    Create your "User Name" enter your email address, create your "Password" and enter the “Captcha Code”. Then Click "Register".
2.    An email will be sent to the email address you provided, asking you to confirm your registration by clicking on the "Registration Confirmation Key" provided in the email - You are now ready to List your Business or Service.

Does it cost me anything to Register?
No! This is a free service!

How do I list my Business?
1.    Log in to your account with your “user name” and “password”
2.    From the “menu bar” click on the “Suggest Listing” tab.
3.    Select a suitable Category from the Trades & Services Category list. (If there is no applicable Category established, you may suggest a Category from the “Suggest Category” tab in the Menu bar)
4.    Enter the Title of your Business / Service and complete the rest of the form including a description of your business (The description will be displayed on your listing) Please ensure you enter the correct information and complete all areas marked with an asterisk*


When will my Business Listing be seen on the Directory?
Your listing should be approved and be online within 24hours

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